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The Lost Marble Collection (LMC) was one of these bands that just popped up in the most un- conventional place, time, & space. The band originated in, Dayton, Ohio, about 1987, flying around a hornet's nest, adjacent to a cucumber,  and dismembered itself in about 1993, while still interacting on individual projects, etc. Not willing to conform or compromise it's artistry. LMC played anything from piano boards, 2 by 4s to pots and pans, people,  short wave radio & appliances.  Plus, threw some outrages after hour parties on wyoming street! The band played, socialized, bumped into & swallowed mouthfuls of beer in one form or another with bands like brainiac, guided by voices, the breeders, the samples, bad elvis impersonators, voodoo glow skulls, glee & beek (david poe), Denni Wilson & the tooba blooze, girls against boys, shutdown, the method, cigarhead, Agnes Moorehead Platter, real lulu, the raging mantras, and other various local bands (see  I remember Dayton...... even though they don't mention LMC?? But, we still love you.)  that went out to infect the world of music, escaping their fears into oblivion osmosis and were ostracized, occasionally equipped. The members of the band were & in some ways still are: Wil Robinson, Ritch Kerns, Scott Kingham, & Steve "Shoeless" Phelps as the core and Jill Haarlander and Dan Toohey accompanying off & on. So with that said this is some of the music that i have compiled w/ a little art from the boyz (you can save it to your desk top and see it in full size if you wish).



 Do not take life (live) *                              Sleeping Race                                      junkie in the night/ Red Rooster                                Gums-n-Buses


i don't know what to do.....                                              At Least                                             Painting 1 (tune box)                                            All fall down


    Man on the Building                                                  Jackie Smiles                                                 Maggie                                                            Ya' Know


LMC members individual links are below:

LMC @ myspace.com

Wil Robinson @ myspace.com

Ritch Kerns @ myspace.com

Steve Phelps @ myspace.com

See above links for more music by Lost Marble Collection.


* Do Not Take Life was played live in cincinnati.

LONG LIVE TIMMY TAYLOR!! & Kevin Kelly (Capt. Woodcrafter) !!!!!




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