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Hits from the past from that dayton, ohio band:


"lost n space" by wil robinson vs Jesse & the plastic cats 


Jesse's WRJPC


NOW AVAILABLE AT AMOEBA RECORDS & ARON RECORDS in Hollywood. click above icon for a taste.


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In the 1990s, The Sticking Straight Ups was an after hours trio with an occasional drummer. The line up was Tim Fox on guitars & vocals, Wil Robinson on guitars, vocals, banjo, trumpet , turntable, etc. , and Ritch Kerns on upright piano, guitar, vocals, & keys. Steve Phelps and Dave Mathias would sit in on drums & phone books. Most of the music took place in Dayton in a house at 1053 Brown Street by a bar called The Walnut Hills. Tim Fox and Wil Robinson moved to Hollywood, California and continued to record music with Ritch Kerns sending files back an forth via the US mail or the internet. Eventually, Tim Fox left HelLA and disappeared somewhere in Dayton by UD....................

  loose (lyrics)                                                 she


away the angels (lyrics)                           country tune


i'm gonna (lyrics)                                       doe a deer  

my girlfriend  (lyrics)                                       ecky

every thing is nothing (lyrics)

aged being (lyrics)


 judy five years

name breathe

 ritch's song



evan & taylor (lyrics)                                    beautiful notion

beyond treason (lyrics)                                man floating in space (with Kevin Kelly)


Additional Writings:

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36 Dollar                        Ritch Letter regarding Loose               Walnuts

Lacy                               The Skiroom (version 1)                        Long Time No Harbinging


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