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What's New :

Hits from the past from that dayton, ohio band:


"lost n space" by wil robinson vs Jesse & the plastic cats 


Jesse's WRJPC


NOW AVAILABLE AT AMOEBA RECORDS & ARON RECORDS in Hollywood. click above icon for a taste.


friends & bars slideshow






1. planet blue                                                       8. look at mi eye

2. jackie smiles                                                   9. french fri

3. dreaming of the bigtop                                 10. all fall down

4. at least                                                            11. man on the building                              

5. love machine                                                  12. sleeping race

6. j finds it                                                            13. crazy (francine's fury)

7. junkie in the night/ red rooster                       14. sleeping race (reprise)


Please feel free to follow the music along with the play:

IEverything is Here by STEVE PHELPS


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