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Music 2 Slip 2


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                                                                                  -photo taken in Arizona while driving


           1.  Intro                                               7. industrial sundays with just a drop of rain

           2. my caged cold room                                    8. upside down guitar song

           3. 2 guys and a piano                                    9. backwards repetitive

           4. early one morning                                     10. small piece                                    

           5. a moment to remember                             11. 2 banjos & a bow

           6. the street and what we hear with our ears   12. harmonic india


                Music 2 Slip 2 had to be completed by 1990. This was my first real solo tape that i felt 

            projected my attitute at that time. It was all recorded live and on a tune box. I'm sure you

            can tell by the quality! But that's what i think i liked about it. Players on the tracks: Wil

            Robinson- all tracks; Tim Fox-3,6; Ritch Kerns- 5,7; Dan Toohey- 10; Dave Diesing- 7; Dave

            Roberts- 5; Steve Phelps- 5; Jill Haarlander,5; Scott Kingham, 11. I'm not sure who all played 

            on "a moment to remember" but, i remember a lot of us sitting around playing in the living room 

            at the house on 354 wyoming street in Dayton, OH. During this period, the landlord came in 

            one day to fix something. And there was a chair nailed to the ceiling and shit scattered 

            everywhere. She asked me if we were on drugs. I told her no ! Not Yet ! Shortly after 

            that incident, we were evicted. 

                I wrote the song "upside down guitar song" at Chris Brown's apt. Chris was a left handed

            guitar player. I'm a right handed guitar player. I had nothing else to play while i was on the 

            toilet at his place, so i played his guitar. Hence the name "upside down guitar song".


    -Wil Robinson




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