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Hits from the past from that dayton, ohio band:


"lost n space" by wil robinson vs Jesse & the plastic cats 


Jesse's WRJPC


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  Tin Kan Caravan performs Freakout Factory

  1. i wanna live in the ocean (Kevin Kelly)

  2. ma & pa (sittin' on their ass)/ up Up Up in the sky

  3. 1st interlude (minnow)

  4. prelude (pet store)

  5. green monkeys in africa

  6. epilogue (sloth)

  7. he's bald (paul shaffer)

  8. love is an island

  9. take my five.....please!!

  10. fur elise (tin pan concerto)

  11. johnny

  12. legalize spock

  13. follow this river...............



Album art by Kevin Kelly 

Member of the Tin Kan Caravan are:


Johnny Mikula-bass & vocals

Bill Stamps- guitar & vocals

Kevin Kelly- vocals, whistles, & entertainment

Chris Zimmerman- guitar & vocals

Steve Phelps- drums, percussion, & vocals

Jim Voudris- drums & percussion

Ritch Kerns- accordion

Wil Robinson- banjo, slide guitar, and vocals

Neil - guitar & vocal

whoever else showed up that day.....





In 1992, the Tin Kan Caravan emerged as the band that performed solely in the living room of 28 Hess Street in the oregon district in Dayton, Ohio. Whoever showed up that day would be in the Caravan. Of course, the boys listed above always showed up and the rest well, just fell into line. After several sessions of playing together, the TKC finally came up with what would be called the "Freakout Factory". The definitive Tin Kan Caravan album. Definition of Freakout Factory- a bunch of people getting together and spitting out music in tumultuous amounts, hard to swallow groves. TKC was unable to ever make it out of the living room, over there on Hess Street but, hopefully, these recordings will give you a little idea of what was going behind the walls, buried in the depths of Johnny's POSH living room.

All the above music belongs to the members of Tin Kan Caravan. All music was recorded in 1992 at 28 Hess Street, Dayton, Ohio on ritch kern's 4-track. Ritch & Bill engineered the sound of Tin Kan Caravan. Take five and fur elise which sound like a cover probably were a cover with the TKC spin.

This album/ project is dedicated to the late great Kevin William Kelly!!!

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